Favourite teddies are always welcome at hotels. But sometimes get left behind…

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Our new, easy to use service can be used to find and reunite children with their lost toys.

How it works

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Step 1: Lost a child’s teddy at a hotel? Bubble Bubble Bubble Bubble

Step 1.
Lost a child’s teddy at a hotel?

Johnsons Hotel Linen is one of the UK’s largest hotel laundry and linen providers, supplying over 200,000 hotel bedrooms. All sorts of things get left behind in a hotel room and many of them turn out to be cuddly toys!

Step 2: Keeping them safe and sound Bubble Bubble Bubble

Step 2.
Keeping them safe and sound

At Johnsons we understand how important a child’s cuddle toy is to them. So we take good care of them when they arrive with us (we even give them a good wash!).

Step 3: Search for your teddy Bubble Bubble Bubble

Step 3.
Search for your teddy

Visit our gallery which allows you to search by colour, animal etc. Once you’ve traced your teddy, just complete a simple online form and the teddy will be safely sent in the post to your home.

It takes a week or so for the teddies to be found at our laundry sites, so please wait at least 1 week before checking the gallery (don’t worry, if we’ve found your teddy we’ll take good care of it until it’s found!).

Search Teddies

Reunited Rascals

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"I appreciate you must get a lot of lost property but we are so thankful this was found and returned as it is highly sentimental!"

Katie's mum

“Jesse is so happy to be reunited with Foxy this week. A big thank you!”

Jesse's dad

"Cobie was over the moon to see her teddy back! A huge thank you for helping it happen."

Cobie's mum

Child holding Teddy Trace teddy